Batman was created in 1939. The 1949 "Batman and Robin" Serials consisted of 15 Chapters approximately 20 minutes each. They always left you with a cliffhanger to keep you coming back to the movie house the following week. That is what was so much fun about Batman and Robin in those days. The cliffhangers continued into the 60's. The cost of admission was a dime. These serials were based on the Batman and Robin Detective Comics of that time. Some of the ideas in the serials were actually adapted by the comics.

The only collectibles from the Serials were lobby cards, movie posters, and newspaper giveaways.

Now you can own photos taken during the 1949 filming of the original Batman and Robin movie, autographed by John Duncan, the original Robin. If you like, he will also personalize the autographs for you!

John Duncan sometimes credited as Johnny Duncan.

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CD A Night With Johnny Duncan
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CD A Night With Johnny Duncan
Autograph by Robin  $21.78 including shipping

HOLLYWOOD LEGEND: THE JOHNNY DUNCAN STORY take the reader on a journey from a depressions-era farm in Missouri to Hollywood during the golden age of the movie studios, and the back to the family home in Missouri.
Johnny Duncan Still remembers walking to school barefoot in worn overalls, as his parents struggled to avoid losing their farm and going to "The Poor House".  Against all odds, Johnny turned an Irish Jig into a polished dance routine.  Later he would wow Vaudeville and attract the attention of the Hollywood  talent scouts. 
Shortly after arriving in Hollywood as a teenager, Johnny found himself cast in Movies with June Carlson, Humphrey  Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Cagney and Marlon Brando.  As an adult he lived next to Audie Murphy, his weekend hunting companion.
Johnny's story will thrill and amaze all who love movies and the iconic start who made them.  He was there, working and socializing with them, and his memories are destined to become a fascinating addition to the history of Hollywood.

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Hollywood Legend The Johnny Duncan Story
Book $18.05 without Autograph by Robin  
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Hollywood Legend The Johnny Duncan Story
Book $27.10  with Autograph by Robin  
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Original Robin of Batman 1949 Home Ranch for sale

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